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Education Care Program which is the fulfillment of education that should be for all Indonesian children so that they can get proper education, anticipate fast development in information technology, so that there will be no perception that certain common education only can be undergone by those who economically capable.

Education and Health oftentimes becomes problems specially to impecunious community so that this program become attention of OSF ( Open Share Foundation )

The Open Share Foundation is a voluntary, non-governmental organisation established to assist in the development of projects designed to alleviate human suffering and to improve the quality of life for destitute people in low-income countries.

Besides acting as a fund-raising organisation, Open Share Foundation strives to promote the exchange of education and widespread awareness of the plight of underprivileged people.

The aim of this website is to inform potential benefactors and collaborating agencies about the Open Share Foundation’s mission and to disseminate information to those with similar interests who might benefit from the Foundation’s knowledge and experience.